Coaching is about making yourself accountable to a trusted advisor. Brandon Mattingly is someone you can trust, confide in, and grow with.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, or whatever walk of life you find yourself—know this, we all need a second pair of eyes. You do not need a harsh critic but a knowledgeable voice. You need someone who's walked life’s path, and is willing to pass on sound instruction, earned wisdom, and professional guidance.

Leadership and patience overcome strife and hardship. These are learned qualities. Brandon Mattingly served in the Army and deployed three times. It was there, in the military, with his boots on the ground that Brandon learned how to deal with life's problems in a productive way.

In 2009, after his service, Brandon Mattingly entered civilian life and immediately got to work. He started a multi-million-dollar construction company that today supports numerous families. Through his service, Brandon learned patience and how to stay focused on a task. Loyalty, honesty, and good-natured humor are also qualities he brings to his business. These qualities are why folks return to do business with him time and again.

Brandon Mattingly also took another key point from his service: never stop learning. To this end, while building his company, he poured his curiosity into reading and studying. The sound advice of prosperous individualists such as Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, John C. Maxwell, and others informed his growing philosophy.

Brandon Mattingly now brings his unique brand of military ethics, entrepreneurial success, and academic knowledge to you as he introduces his coaching services.

Brandon can help you reach your own maximum potential. This service is a real-world, pragmatic approach to dealing with business, life, and family. He will listen, offer sound advice, and follow up as you grow and find success.